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How I Paint

I free myself the conventions of nomenclarure, subject matter and composition to experience the raw extacy of color. The visceral impact of color and composition are paramount in my work.

I paint multiple glazes using oil colors and solvent. This builds up a complex, deep and diaphanous texture of color. I enjoy how many wonderful things happen with many layers of color, evoking an emotional response. I seek to create an intimacy between the canvas and the viewer. My goal is to achieve a sublime, etherial, intimate, transcendental experience between the viewer and the canvas.

As my canvases have grown in size, the viewer becomes increasingly immersed into the fields of pure color. I hope to achieve an experience that goes a bit beyond the typical art gallery/art viewer, one that borders upon a trancendental/emotional experience, this is what I hope to achieve through my paintings.

I enjoy the flow and consistency of the paint and how it flows from the brush. I explore the beauty that many translucent layers of oil colors can produce. I have simplified my painting style to maximize my exploration of color and form. This relieves the necessity for creating a narritive to motivate the paint. I believe color and form is enough motivation all its' own. It's just fine to enjoy looking at paint just for being only paint and nothing more. I am interested in invesigating a pleasing visual aesthitic. An appreciation of a work of art is a reward all its' own.

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